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Matthew Hunzeker

Mr. Hunzeker has been successfully practicing law in the Washington, D.C. metro area for over 25 years.   After a 5 year stint in “Big Law”, in 1994, he co-founded MBH Settlement Group (“MBH”) and served as its President and CEO in McLean, Virginia.  That same year, he founded the law firm that was to become, Hunzeker, Lyon and Leggett and served as Managing Partner.   Upon the successful sale of MBH, Hunzeker remained General Counsel for fourteen years. 

In response to the 2008 great recession, Mr. Hunzeker founded National Real Estate Law Group where he was President and CEO.  That law firm continued the real estate practice and concentrated on assisting troubled homeowners in need through foreclosure defense and “short-sales.”  Many homes were saved during the ensuing chaos in the housing market.

Today, with his third start-up, he is the Founder, President and CEO of Hunzeker Law Group, PLLC.  Mr. Hunzeker's focused legal firm continues the real estate practice, which demands a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between business and litigation. 

Mr. Hunzeker's current practice creatively includes these areas; Negotiation of Contracts, Drafting of Deeds and other legal documents relating to the sale or leasing of real estate.  Representation of clients that are parties to such legal documents, from drafting contracts all the way to the successful settlement, or closing, of the same.  His practice provides virtual representation of

parties at closing; the review of contracts focusing on Earnest Money Deposit disputes; other breach of contracts; review of title to real estate; quiet title matters. 

The firm also practices in the area of mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution, whether as a client representation to a mediation, or acting as an independent mediator of such matters.  Additional areas of expertise are residential or commercial “workouts”; foreclosure defense; “short sale” negotiations and like kind matters.

Mr. Hunzeker educates on topics relating to his extensive real estate legal knowledge by regularly conducting seminars (currently numbered in the hundreds) primarily for the benefit of members of the public, including Realtors® and Brokers.  Hunzeker has been a frequent speaker at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®.

Hunzeker graduated from the George Mason University School of Law (“GMULS”) in 1989.  While in attendance, he was a member of the GMULS Law Review and was an Associate Justice of the Moot Court Board.  Hunzeker was the winner of the first year Moot Court Oral competition. 

Hunzeker holds “Virtual Events” in keeping with the tradition of his very prominent live seminars.  These virtual events offer timely and substantive content on a variety of matters picked from the headlines of the current and continuing onslaught of information confronting each of us in our daily lives.

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